Shop Etiquette

Whether you are visiting our Clinic to get a new piercing, shopping for jewellery, or just accompanying a friend, you should be aware of proper shop etiquette. Because of the laid back, friendly atmosphere that we maintain, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that you are patronising a business and that there are potential biohazard risks all over the place!

Before you even reach the studio, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

– Double check that you have a valid photo ID on your person.

– If you are planning on getting a piercing, be sure to eat something within 4 hours of the procedure.

– If you are planning on getting a genital or nipple piercing, showering beforehand is greatly appreciated!

– If you are planning on getting a tongue piercing, brushing your teeth before reaching the studio is recommended.

– Be completely sober.

While in the Clinic (the counter, the bathroom, in the waiting area, the piercing room) it is very important to not touch your piercing! Even if the fistula is healed, you can spread bacteria, endangering the staff and other customers. Along the same lines, if you are bringing worn jewellery into the shop, be sure to seal it in a plastic bag. It is also important to never place worn jewellery on the counter or display area of the shop.

It is never ok to change your jewellery on your own in any part of a studio for the same reason as listed above: bacteria are easily spread. If you just can’t wait to get that awesome new piece of jewellery in, ask the piercers – they will only charge £1 and gladly switch out your new bling for the old in a safe and clean environment.

Once you are ready to go and are in the piercing room, let your piercer direct you on where to place your personal effects; some areas of the room may be reserved as sterile spaces. You also want to check with your piercer before you or your friend whip out a camera and start snapping away. You wouldn’t want someone taking your picture without asking permission first right?

By keeping all these things in mind the next time you head out to visit us you will easily create a stress free and fun experience for both you and your piercer!

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