Meet our piercers

Dainis: (A.K.A. Dee)
Dainis is an International artist from Latvia, who has settled as a resident at London Piercing Clinic. Since 2005 he is bringing his knowledge and techniques of body piercings towards perfection and always looks forward towards self-development in rapidly growing industry. Dainis is our Head Piercer and usually works from Wednesday to Fridays.

Nahuel is a relaxed and easy going body piercer from Madrid, Spain, he has been a dedicated body piercer since 2013and has worked in several studios in Madrid and Mallorca before coming to work with us at The London Piercing Clinic. Nahuel performs all types of piercings and is meticulous in his methodology. In his career he has already expanded his knowledge by attendeding several high level seminars and courses across Europe, learning different forms of work and the latest techniques and care to reach a high-level of professional skill.

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